Tuesday 14th August 2018

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Hire Equipment

As well as the sale & inspection of lifting equipment; we also have an extensive fleet of equipment available for hire. Rates are extremely competitive and each item comes with a current certificate of thorough examination.

Our fleet includes (but is not limited to):
Hand Chain Hoist from 500kg up to 30 tonne
Lever hoist from 750kgs to 15 tonne
Beam Clamps & trolleys from 500kg up to 20 tonne
Tirfor Winches from 800kgs to 3.2 tonne
Tirfor Ropes- Any Length supplied
Alloy Shackles from 1 tonne up to 250 tonne
Wire Rope Slings ranging from 1 tonne to over 218 tonne
Spreader Beams from 2 tonne to 250 tonne
Crane Fork & Net up to 2 tonne
Machine Moving Skates from 15 tonne to 100 tonne
Nylon Wheel Skated starting at 12 tonne and ranging up to 60 tonne
Power Hoists (Electric, Hydraulic, Air) from 250kgs up to 20 tonne
Power Winches (Electric, Hydraulic, Air) 1 tonne-10 tonne
Snatch blocks (Single/ Double Sheave) to 15 tonne
Universal Plate Clamps to 15 tonne
Hydraulic Rams to 200 tonne
Hydraulic Pumps 10,00 PSI
Hydraulic Jacks to 130 tonne
Hoses, Couplings, Manifolds to suit
Mechanical Jacks to 5 tonne
Chain Slings (Single &Multi-leg) 1.5 tonne-42 tonne
Polyester Webbing & Round Slings 1 tonne-125 tonne
Pallet Trucks 2500kgs
Mobile Gantry 500kgs-5 tonne
Safety Harness & Lanyard
Fall Arrest Blocks
Scaffold Hook & Carabines
Rescue Tripod & Winch
Gas Detectors
Test Weights up to 100 tonne