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RSS Lifeline System

RSS Horizontal Lifeline System
• Discreet
The state of the art design of Horizontal Lifeline system, with its high-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel components, provides a discreet yet highly effective system that blends in with any structure.
• Functional
Developed to allow increased freedom of movement at any angle, it is adapted to any type of work at height where a fixed horizontal safety system is required, be it in a straight line or around corners and bends.
• Versatile
- Simultaneous use by up to 7 people.
- Users can work either side of the cable.
- Low Maintenance due to high grade components.
- Range of supports and brackets.
- Calculation Software.
- Reduced installation time.
• Dual Protection
The lifeline system has a dual purpose in fall protection.
- It can restrain the workers from reaching the point where a potential fall hazard exists or,
- It can provide fall arrest protection in the event of a fall.
• Installation & Certification
RSS can offer full advice on the supply, installation & certification of the device and can arrange for our own team of expert engineers to install on-site if required. In order to maintain safe working system we offer a six-monthly onsite examination & inspection service.

RSS Horizontal Lifeline System When safety & productivity are on the line, there is no room for compromise, which is why architects and engineers have put their trust in RSS for over a decade. We are a recognised supplier & installer of permanent height safety systems & provider of personal fall protection equipment. Whether for cleaning or maintenance work, inspection of an installation, or simply accessing a worksite safely, A Horizontal Lifeline System is the ideal solution for protecting workers during operations at height.