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RSS Workshop Facilities

Manufacture and repair
Full in-house facilities for manufacture, repair and testing

Our workshop facilities are extensive and offer:
• 36,500 sq ft of workshop space.
• 1000 tonne hydraulic wire rope press for the manufacture of wire rope slings up to 54mm diameter.
• 3 x 150 tonne hydraulic wire rope press.
Up to 22mm diameter.
• Portable hand wire rope presses for on-site rigging.
• White metal/resin socketing.
• Hand splicing of wire & rope fibre rope.
• Manufactures of webbing cargo restraints

• 2 x Grade 1 120 tonne and 2 x 60 tonne hydraulic tensile test machines
• 15 metres long for the proof load testing of slings, loose lifting gear etc.
• 4 x 120 tonne compressive test machines for proof loading hydraulic jacks, rams and cylinders.
• 150 tonne of “live” weight - block, slab and hand weights.
• Fabrication of jigs to allow testing of non-standard items.